Sire of the Masham

The original commercial purpose of the Teeswater is as a crossing sire.

The first cross of a Teeswater ram with a horned ewe (usually a Dalesbred) is known as the Masham Half Bred.

The Masham is a hardy breed with excellent maternal qualities. It inherits many fine characteristics from the Teeswater including a lustrous fleece and superb confirmation. The Masham is renowned for its longevity and for producing good crops of lambs year after year.

A Masham is most commonly crossed with a terminal sire such as a Texel, Suffolk or Beltex. This cross produces quality prime lambs.

Large numbers of Masham gimmer lambs are sold at Skipton and Bentham Action Marts each autumn. As a result flocks of Masham ewes can be found right across the UK.

Teeswaters can also be crossed successfully with other breeds, for example a Teeswater ewe can produce excellent prime lambs when crossed with a terminal sire.

Considerable success has been achieved by using a Teeswater ram to cross with Scotch Blackface, Whiteface Woodland and Kerry Hill ewes.